Our Story

KWOK.tv is made up of a group of incredibly talented people who have decades of experience in their respective fields. These diverse skillsets set us apart. Our experience allows us to understand the machine that is live broadcast production inside and out. This understanding is what allows us to be efficient and innovate in the space.

Matthew Kwok

Matthew has worked with clients around the world helping them integrate creative, live production into their businesses. He has been an integral part of some of the largest live broadcasts in the world. These insights make him a powerful force in the world of live production.

Mark Kwok

Mark's understanding of the nuances of the production industry make him one of most valuable assets to KWOK.tv as a business and all the projects we are involved with. His technical ability allows him to tie disparate systems and signals together into a cohesive broadcast delivery.

Jason Schuck

Jason entered the broadcast industry at the age of 16 and has worked in many different capacities over his decades long career. Jason's diverse experiences in his field, give him a comprehensive knowledge of production environments. This perspective gives him a unique edge as a creative and as a manager. 

George Ameer

George Ameer has spent more than 25 years in the sports media/production business. As Manager, Production and Business Development, he is responsible for the planning, organizing and execution of multiple event productions, sponsor activations & content worldwide.

Donovan Demerin

With almost two decades in the event industry, Donovan understands the need to make broadcasting & live streaming accessible and simple for events of all sizes. Additionally, his experience as a musician and dancer gives him an unconventional approach while executing creative projects.

Linda Chang

Linda is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to managing staff over multiple projects.  From identifying key personnel to ensuring they know their responsibilities, Linda is a crucial part of KWOK.tv operations. She has been working in the staffing industry for over 25 years.

Jonathan Wade

Jonathan Wade is a commercial and editorial photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. As a schooled Graphic Designer he tends to bring his knowledge of brands, composition, color and marketing to the table. He’s a collaborator, content creator and makes a solid Old Fashioned cocktail.